Impact on society.

Much has changed from then to now. Much to be changed henceforth.

  • One of the largest producer of Naturally Dyed handloom fabric in the country today with over 32,000 metres of fabric produced per month
  • The entire production process is handled in-house except yarn procurement
  • Ecological impact of production is kept low with eco-friendly plant based dyeing techniques, water conservation plant, very less electricity used and procuring raw materials locally
  • Annual turnover of over INR 6 crores, with the profits shared among all the workers
  • Spearheading the handloom movement in Karnataka, with over 400 active loom functional across the state employing 800 workers
  • Established 16 outlets across Karnataka under the brand name DESI
  • Making naturally dyed, handwoven clothes affordable and accessible by keeing the overhead costs low
  • Reviving traditional practices in dyeing, weaving and reviving traditional saree designs of Karnataka
  • Employed and mentored staff who are mostly from low-income, underpriviledged families
  • Involving primarily women in the weaving process, unlike traditional weaving which is dominated by men
  • Bringing in the new skill set of weaving in a non-traditional weaving village /community
  • Imparting focused training to all the women involved in specific areas to ensure that the quality is maintained
  • Established the Shramajeevi Ashram that upholds the value of Shramadana (physical labour)