Knowing makes all the difference.

Handloom and Khadi are like cousins.

Handloom vs Khadi

A common question that comes to mind when we say "handloom" is What is the difference between Khadi and Handlooms? Are they same? There is a clear difference between the two.

To understand this, let's examine the entire process of getting a fabric ready. It involves:

  1. Spinning the Yarn from raw cotton
  2. Processing and Dyeing the yarn
  3. Weaving the yarn into fabric
  4. Post processing like tailoring, ironing etc.

When a fabric is made entirely by hand, including spinning of yarn, it is called Khadi. When a fabric uses mill spun yarn, but uses all other processes by hand, it is called a handloom fabric.

Handloom and Khadi are like cousins. The handloom weaver is common to both Khadi and Handloom.